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Confusing, unnecessary ”Do you want to close it” dialog

30. tammikuuta 2016 klo 11.17
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Steps to reproduce:

0. Have two projects, A and B
1. Open project A in Geany, make no changes
2. Select Project > Recent Projects > Project B

(Reproduced on an up-to-date Xenial installation today.)

What happens:
A dialog pops up saying the previous project is open, and asks if I want to close it before proceeding.

What I expect to happen instead:
For Project B to open without the dialog. I’ve not made any changes to Project A so the dialog is blocking the switch unnecessarily. If I *had* made changes, I’d expect them to be saved implicitly at this point, or, failing that, to be prompted to *save* the changes before switching; not whether I want to close Project A (which I do).

Perhaps unrelatedly, the prompt title (”The ’Project A’ project is open.”) seems to be missing from Launchpad translations; only the question (”Do you want to close it before proceeding?”) is translatable.

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That indeed fixes it

28. tammikuuta 2016 klo 9.39
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Thanks @VicDeo, that indeed fixes it.

I’d argue that the comment above the setting in the sample makes this less than apparent — at least I would have been unlikely to have dared to set it to false on my own, and it still seems to me that in making this change I lose ”a crucial security check” for .htaccess. But that’s perhaps subject for another bug.

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All right, I’ll have to stick with the shortcode approach

26. tammikuuta 2016 klo 9.21
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All right, thanks for the response. As I said, the shortcode approach works just fine so I’ll have to stick with that, and create my own custom post type if/when necessary.

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Only shortcode, no gallery posts?

24. tammikuuta 2016 klo 16.56
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The description page clearly says the plugin features a ”Gallery custom post type”, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to publish or even preview those posts. I can add galleries and use the short link on other post types, but the editor for galleries has no ”preview” functionality and there’s no way to view gallery posts on the front end on their own. I’d expect to be able to view the galleries at /(gallery_post_type_slug)/(gallery_post_slug).

Looking at the custom post type code (includes/class-posttypes.php), the ’public’ and ’rewrite’ args to register_post_type() have been set to false, which according to Codex documentation causes what I’m seeing. The args variable has a filter so I could override it; does this imply that I’m intended to add a filter to have the galleries work as a viewable post type and not just something used behind the scenes by the plugin?

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