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Translating ”intro” pages

26. syyskuuta 2012 klo 11.24
Sijainti: Wikit: Wikispecies

Wikispecies:Done and to do currently lists ”Translate intro pages into other languages” as #18. I’d like to participate, but I’ve not found enough documentation to feel sure enough to start. Does ”intro” here refer to the help: namespace? I see Help:Contents has a couple of translations (fr and hu), but I’m thinking of starting with Help:General Wikispecies, as that’s more specific (sorry) to Wikispecies, whereas Help:Contents is of general MW usage that’s already documented in Finnish elsewhere (not that it wouldn’t benefit from a translated page here too). Is it okay if I just create Help:General Wikispecies/Fi and link to it from the parent page with a box similar to that on Help:Contents?

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