The year of the ‘to each his own’ desktop

A comment on Slashdot pretty well summarizes what is also my view of all this fuss about the year of the Linux desktop:

Users who don’t want to learn how the machine works already have two major systems designed specifically for them: Windows and OSX. To me it makes perfect sense that Linux would be Open Source because Microsoft and Apple both recognize that the real money is gained by appealing to the general public and the general public is nearly technophobic.

That being said, I would add that there’s nothing keeping a bold newcomer (such as Canonical) from breaking into the general market with a Linux desktop either, provided that their version is ‘good’ (i.e. dumbed-down IMO) enough. I’m just not too worried whether such development takes place or not.

A Linux desktop for the masses would obviously help in improving hardware support, which is why I do still see it as a Good Thing. But for me it’s not the be all, end all outcome that other, perhaps more competitive people than myself see it as.