Daily Twitter log-in’s a by-gone

And just like that, I’ve now ditched daily Twitter logins too. Turns out that Twitter’s lists feature, which I had never used prior to this, is completely analogous to Reddit’s multireddits feature. I set up two lists: one for international people and one for domestic, and again the shortlinks via my own system.

One aspect of these non-logged-in followings that I haven’t touched upon is the obvious lessening of interaction: it now takes some effort to give someone an upvote, a retweet or a favorite. To be honest, I’m very close to not caring at all. I think I’ve been interactive mostly because the effort involved was so small, and now that the effort is more significant, I just won’t bother.

I do still get the reflexive urge to interact, but not being able to immediately do so does not leave me yearning. I’m not opposed to interaction per se, but for the most part I also do not value it enough to bother to log in to be able to interact.