Cheap PSone games!

Just bought a bunch of PSone games at the nearby Citymarket. I was planning to grab Alias which they’re selling for a measely 4,99 €, but when I saw these PSone ones going for as low as 0,99 € a piece I went nuts and began hoarding them. Eventually I only left two of them – a soccer game and a dancing game – behind and ended up with eight games: Robocod James Pond II, Creatures Raised In Space, Silent Bomber, Firebugs, All Star Watersports, Celebrity Deathmatch, Formula One 2001 and Crisisbeat (I’ll link to some additional info on these later).

There were a lot of 2,99 and 4,99 € games too but I figured most of them cost more just because of their licencing (a lot of Hugo the troll games, for example) and as I don’t know much of the present day game titles I skipped them. Skipped the Alias too.

They can’t go much lower with the prices or they’ll pretty soon have to be paying the customers to carry these out of the store.

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