Hard Drive Clock

A clock built out of a hard disk drive “Have an old hard drive that no longer works? As long as it still spins up chances are you could build a clock out of your old hard drive! You will need some electronic knowledge, some common electronic components and a bit of patience.”

A. Parekh via Juha

Software for Starving Students

“The Software for Starving Students CD enhances the Windows and Mac desktop computing experiences by providing an easy way to install free, high-quality software titles via a user-friendly interface. It includes popular open source programs like Firefox and OpenOffice, intended to help students learn about and benefit from open source and free software programs. The SSS team put all the most commonly used free programs onto one CD to make it easier for students to install useful software (including fully-featured office suites, 3D graphic editors and much more) for free.”

SoftwareFor.org via hittegodsbyrån

Temporary fix for the WMF vulnerability

“This week a new vulnerability was found in Windows […]. Microsoft will certainly come up with a thouroughly tested fix for it in the future, but meanwhile I developed a temporary fix – I badly needed it.

The fix does not remove any functionality from the system, all pictures will continue to be visible. […]

If for some reason the patch does not work for you, please uninstall it. […] I recommend you to uninstall this fix and use the official patch from Microsoft as soon as it is available.”

Hex blog via F-Secure via Viistolla pinnalla

Millennium Music iPod Trade

  1. “Drop off your CDs or ship them to us.
  2. We will review your CDs for physical quality and quality of title.
  3. Get your iPod!

trade CDs for iPods

1/2 GB Shuffle ($99 value) 45 CD trade
1 GB Shuffle ($149 value) 65 CD trade
2 GB Nano ($199 value) 85 CD trade
4 GB Nano ($249 value) 110 CD trade
30 GB iPod ($299 value) 130 CD trade
60 GB iPod ($399 value) 175 CD trade”

Millennium Music via Boing Boing