“Maanantaina 29.5. suoritetaan yhdistyksen palvelimia koskeva laajamittainen huoltokatkos, jonka aikana Nebulan toimitiloissa sijaitsevat palvelimet siirretään uuteen laitetilaan omaan laitekaappiinsa. Kaikki palvelut Xob-palvelinta [lukuunottamatta] ovat katkoksen ajan poissa käytöstä.”


An Open Source Blue Frog

“Our approach: An open source Blue Frog replacement based on P2P technology. No centralized reporting server. No website. Any single point of failure could be switched out on the fly. The entire project would exist in P2P-space. No single node becomes more important than the rest. Simply give your spam to the client, and it goes out on the network where it is processed. ”

CastleCops via Juha

Flashing the iRiver T10

iRiver T10 Today I received the iRiver T10 I’d ordered a week ago. Initially, I had been put off by the fact that the players sold inside EU were Microsoft-only. But then I found out it’s possible to flash the firmware to get rid of the MTP crap.

After having tried the WMP10 approach with my new toy once, this is what I set out to do.

The Pure and Non-Pure versions were explained at MisticRiver forums. The “Non-Pure” version has an FM radio. Mine doesn’t, so it’s “Pure”. The firmware version my player came equipped with was 1.23P.

So I picked up the Pure version from mtp-ums.net and proceeded by the instructions provided there. I missed the verifying question about firmware upgrade after the restart, but you can start it from the advanced menu.

The first flashing took a little under a minute. After the restart there was the ominous “Scan music file…” screen, as promised, and the player was now a UMS device when I plugged the USB cable in. Halfway there!

I then uploaded the Australian firmware, from iRiver, into the player. During flashing this file, the screen was a backlit black, once again as promised. The flashing took closer to two minutes this time. After this, I had a fully working, UMS-abled T10 with the latest firmware version 1.70.

iRiver T10 System Info

Touchscreen Computer Display Floats in Mid-Air

” IO2 Technology has the coolest sounding display I have ever seen called the M2i. The device projects a 30″ diagonal 4:3 aspect ratio display into the air. That’s right, into the air like a hologram. The entire projection unit is designed to be hidden out of site so that only the display image shows.”

Everything USB via Juha

BlueFrog Folds

“In an interview with Wired News, Blue Security CEO Eran Reshef said the Israel-based company was closing its service Wednesday since he did not want to be responsible for an ever-escalating war that could bring down internet service providers and websites around the world and subject its users to denial-of-service attacks from a well-organized group in control of a massive army of computer drones.”

Wired via Juha

BBC:n "Apple-asiantuntijasta" kansainvälinen naurunaihe

“BBC:n television uutistoimitus sähläsi perjantaina perusteellisesti, kun Apple-asiantuntijana haastateltiin vahingossa väärää miestä, oikean asiantuntijan odottaessa aulassa. Nettijakeluun päätyneessä hupaisassa katkelmassa näkyy, miten mies tajuaa kauhukseen tilanteen, mutta sinnittelee sitten urheasti kommentoiden musiikin nettikauppaa.”

Tietokone via matrixx2.01