Flashing the iRiver T10

iRiver T10 Today I received the iRiver T10 I’d ordered a week ago. Initially, I had been put off by the fact that the players sold inside EU were Microsoft-only. But then I found out it’s possible to flash the firmware to get rid of the MTP crap.

After having tried the WMP10 approach with my new toy once, this is what I set out to do.

The Pure and Non-Pure versions were explained at MisticRiver forums. The “Non-Pure” version has an FM radio. Mine doesn’t, so it’s “Pure”. The firmware version my player came equipped with was 1.23P.

So I picked up the Pure version from mtp-ums.net and proceeded by the instructions provided there. I missed the verifying question about firmware upgrade after the restart, but you can start it from the advanced menu.

The first flashing took a little under a minute. After the restart there was the ominous “Scan music file…” screen, as promised, and the player was now a UMS device when I plugged the USB cable in. Halfway there!

I then uploaded the Australian firmware, from iRiver, into the player. During flashing this file, the screen was a backlit black, once again as promised. The flashing took closer to two minutes this time. After this, I had a fully working, UMS-abled T10 with the latest firmware version 1.70.

iRiver T10 System Info