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mariginari Theme applied to WordPress mariginari is a heavily customized version of the My Valentine theme by, accompanied by a set of plugins. The theme is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License save for the title image, which is an adaptation of Husky-Chibi by Nunzia Catania and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, and the 1950s television set frame, which is a derivative of a work by John Atherton and licensed CC by-sa 2.0.

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Note that this is always a work in progress, so it might break and/or eat your children.

What's the use of /usr/local/etc?

I was wondering why /usr/local/etc isn’t used for storing local changes to system-wide configuration (which is in /etc/). Even after quickly reading through FHS’s definition for the contents of it, “Host-specific system configuration for local binaries”, I was convinced that the practice of adding local customizations directly to /etc must be flawed.

It was only after re-reading the definition with thought when the emphasis dawned on me: it is used for configuration of local binaries, not for local configuration of binaries.