aXbo sleep phase alarm clock

“[We] have invented the alarm clock of the future waking you up optimally at your best sleep phase – like waking up by your inner clock. […]

aXbo registers your individual optimal wake up time via your body movements and wakes you up in between the last 30 minutes before your wake up time. Your movements are detected and gathered with a comfortable towelling wristband and submitted to the sleep phase alarm clock.”

aXbo via Killinki

Koodari haastoi piraattimyyjän nyrkkeilykehään

“[Venäläinen ohjelmistosuunnittelija haastoi] tuotteitaan tavaratalossa myyneen piraatin nyrkkeilyotteluun. […]

Paikallisella kuntosalilla järjestetty ottelu päättyi lukuihin 24–16 koodarin voitoksi. Ottelu kesti kolmen erän verran ja mäiskettä kerrotaan kestäneen kolmisen minuuttia per erä.” via Juha

Beatles take rival Apple to court over core business

“Apple Corps, owned by the former Beatles and their heirs, still owns the licensing rights to Beatles’ products. It is claiming that the introduction of iTunes broke a $26 million settlement under which Apple Computer agreed to steer clear of the music business, for which the Beatles’ company retains the famous trademark.”

Times Online via Juha

What your public transportation system knows about you

“Most cities with mass transit systems now rely on some sort of electronic card to pay fares. Each of these cards has a unique serial number as well as a magnetized strip upon which its fare balance and expiration date are stored. When you swipe your card to get into the subway, information about when and where you swiped it is automatically recorded in a centralized transit database. And if you purchased your card with a credit or debit card, it will be traceable back to you. Access to transit databases is very carefully controlled, but police have used them in the past to investigate crime suspects by determining whether or not they could have been at the crime scene.” via Killinki