Solved: “Search Web for…” with text boxes (Firefox)

Do my searching abilities suck ass, or is it true that nobody on the Internet has, prior to this, written anything about how infuriating it is that Firefox’s contextual search (the “Search Web for…” option behind your right button menu) doesn’t work with text inside a textbox? Go ahead, try it.

Is it, and the fact that there seems to be no extension to fix this, due to how tough it is to home in on a textarea selection?

And why does a simple quoted search phrase break’s results navigation? (Try navigating to page 2 or other pages of results: neither the page numbers nor the Next/Previous links work.)

StumbleUpon extension seems to have no problem using text from within a textbox. I think I’ll have look inside it to see if I can cook up a fix for this issue myself.

27.6. 10:56: Here you go: Search Web Extended, a quick little extension to make the contextual Google search work with textboxes too. No warranty, no guarantees, no nothing as usual. Hard-coded to work only with 2.0.* versions of Firefox.

24.5. 2008 16:52: I’ve upgraded the maximum version accepted by the plugin to cover Firefox 3 as well, since it seems to need nothing beyond that to work.