Open Captions – subtitles for online video

With the popularity of web video, there is currently a lack captions/subtitles, leaving rich media sites useless to deaf and non-native speakers. […] Open Captions allows anyone to caption online video. With free simple tools to caption videos from a web browser everyone benefits. […] Currently works with YouTube, Google Video and QuickTime urls.

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Cheaper EMI music from 7 Digital

7 Digital is selling EMI’s catalog as 320kpbs MP3s for UKP0.50 — about $1. Apple is selling the same music as lower-bitrate AAC files, with s33kr1t information hidden in them that Apple won’t discuss, for 30 percent more. 7 Digital works with any browser, so you can buy this music without needing to use iTunes, which doesn’t exist for Linux.

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