How to separate every other comment within a wp_list_comments callback function

Just upgraded one of my themes (the only one I’m still using that I can truly say I’ve created myself) to finally utilize WordPress 2.7’s new comment listing function. This made separating actual comments from pings a breeze compared to what it used to be.

The only slight problem was with porting the old separation of every other comment with a different class; since I needed to use a custom callback to retain the old look, I couldn’t utilize the automated classification done by wp_list_comments(). In the end all it took was these three lines added to my callback function:

global $comment_alt;
$oddcomment = $comment_alt % 2 ? 'alt' : '';

With these in place I could now bring in the <li> tag from the old template without any further tweaking:

<li id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>"
class="<?php echo $oddcomment?>">

Dreaming of an easier free software translation process

Translating free software is way harder than it should be, IMO. I wish all the strings were in a wiki, so that I could just go and fix things such as typos as I pick them up. Everything would be live and coordinated (between upstream and distros), without needing to find out which project exactly is it that I need to fix the issue in, let alone getting acquainted with whatever system has been set up for for accepting the translations in this particular project. I think it’s a fairly straightforward technical problem just crying out for a solution to be implemented. Although, as usual, not one that I personally would have the competence to produce. (And as such, I could be dead wrong about the straightforwardness of it, even.)