Fixing the Feeling Lucky extension for FF 2.0

Brad Kowalczyk’s Feeling Lucky extension…

“Performs Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ search with any selected text and opens the result in new a tab.

This is the first ever Firefox extension that I’ve created. I found myself selecting, copying, pasting text into the location bar to do an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ search all too often so I figured I should make an extension to make it just a little simpler.

Simply select some text and either hit ‘Enter’ or right-click it and select ‘Feeling Lucky’ The web page of the first Google search result for that text will open in a new tab.”


I felt I needed this, but it wasn’t FF 2.0 compatible, so I fixed it. Apparently, the only thing needed for that was replacing a call to gContextMenu.searchSelected() in feelingLucky.xul with a call to getBrowserSelection(). In addition to that, the em:maxVersion in install.rdf needs to be set for 2.0, naturally.

I’ve packed one fixed version of this, but I haven’t tested it (too lazy). Try it at your own risk.