Not your usual 'random links' post!

I just can’t get enough of the web, but I can easily get enough of the various indices through which I usually access it. Often I find myself longing for something random (and even here, the usual indices of random are all too easily exhausted), but sadly, most of the random link portals aren’t truly random. Instead, they cover only a defined area of all of the web’s contents — namely, the SFW, non-offensive and thus completely uninteresting portion of it.

Just prior to blogging this, I discovered Mangle where, it seems, it’s possible to opt out of the annoying nannying forced upon you with most of the other services. Now off I go, to explore the deep trenches of random!

2 Replies to “Not your usual 'random links' post!”

  1. Unfortunately, the random LJ picture feature of Mangle seems to cache the pictures, and going about refreshing it as intensely as I do only brings up the same images again and again.

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