Flickr fans have Yahoo fear eased

“A protest group was set up within the community after it was announced that that from sometime in 2006, users will need a Yahoo account to login. Many in the Flick Off group of more than 1,000 have threatened to quit their membership if this happens. It is not what they signed up to, they say. Yahoo bought Flickr in March.”


I came to know Flickr only after they had been acquired by Yahoo!, and thus have always steered as clear from it as I’ve could. Yahoo! has always had such crappy policies in UI design, towards its users and throughout its services that I’ve long since decided to stay as far away from anything Yahoo! related as possible.

Download Linspire for Free

“We thought it would be fun […] to give away a free digital copy of Linspire for a few days! This is actually a great way to highlight what it is that makes Linspire special and unique, and different from other Linux distributions. For the next few days, you can obtain a free digital copy of Linspire by following the instructions below. Hurry! This truly “free” Linspire offer ends September 6th, 2005!”

Linspire via ZDNet

Computer alert for drowning girl

“A 10-year-old girl has been saved from drowning by a computer system designed to raise the alarm when swimmers get into difficulties. The girl […] was at the deep end of the pool in Bangor, north Wales, when she sank to the bottom. The £65,000 system, called Poseidon, detected her on the pool floor and sounded the alarm. A lifeguard pulled her out and she recovered in hospital.”


The video of the incident, produced by the system is very impressive.

Mac Mini offer quickly dropped

“Apple has dropped a 30-day trial offer for its Mac Mini after less than 12 hours. The promotion […] offered a 30-day money-back guarantee, and was available only through Apple’s online store. […] The rapid retraction of the offer prompted plenty of speculation online among bloggers and those in the Mac community.”

ZDNet via Google News

“News of the deal quickly spread, and it’s being widely suggested that the offer became rapidly over-subscribed, prompting Apple to withdraw the offer to any further customers. That may have been the intention all along. Some companies pay good money for the kind of coverage the Mac Mini test drive programme has brought Apple, most of it suggesting or at least implying there is very strong demand for the computer.”

The Register

YLEn podcast-kokeilu

“YLE Radio tarjoaa valikoiman ohjelmia omalle koneelle ladattavaksi. Kokeilussa olevat ohjelmasarjat voi myös tilata erityisellä podcast-vastaanotin-ohjelmalla, jolloin uusi ohjelmajakso latautuu tietokoneelle aina, kun se julkaistaan. Syksyn kokeilussa ladattavaksi tarjotaan valikoima asia- ja ajankohtaisohjelmia, mm. lehtikatsaukset, sekä keskusteluohjelmia […]”

YLE via