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Copyright.png This is a non-free work: there are limitations concerning the copying or use of this material.
The work above is or contains trademarks or copyrighted material not authored by the owner of this website:


The owner of this website holds no proprietary rights over the aforementioned elements; instead, they are the sole property of their respective original authors or owners, and are used on this website either under the doctrine of fair use, or otherwise according to their respective non-free licenses. The work is used thusly on the following pages:


Tämän johdannaisteoksen käyttöä koskee CC by-nc-sa 2.5.
Tämä malline on Hikipediasta löytyneen alkuperäisteoksen johdannainen.


Simpanssi-kirjoittaa.jpg Instructions for the wiki admin
This template is used to inform the user of restrictions placed on the reuse of the work in question, as described in the template. The template categorizes the page it's used on under Category:Käyttörajoitteiset.
  • The nonfree_elements parameter is a list of the elements, preferably with their respective owners mentioned, restricting the use of the work (e.g. "*The Coca-Cola logo, a trademark of The Coca-Cola Company").
  • The used_on parameter is a list of pages that employ the work as described by the template.

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