Mummilan wikistä is a webdomain, hosting a set of sites created and administered by Jani Uusitalo for a hobby.


At the beginning of 2004 I used Blogger in creating my very first blog, the Nuudelisoppa (Finnish for "noodle soup"). Pretty soon I found myself badly hooked on blogging, and when the free hosting service I had used turned out somewhat unreliable, I decided to grab a domain name with a proper hosting service for the blog.

I picked the name mummila (Finnish for "granny's place" or just "granny's"), because I was hoping to have as much fun here as I did at my real grandma's, back when I was a little boy. The word also felt like it would be easy to communicate and to remember. A domain name referring to a physical place also has the advantage of being equally easy to conjugate — a point perhaps unappreciated by speakers of languages with fewer than, say, fifteen different noun cases.

Communicability was key also while picking the ending: for Finnish ears, it's far easier to mishear and -understand a "piste org" ("dot org") than a "piste net" ("dot net").

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