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Mummilan wiki (Finnish for "the wiki at granny's"), the site this text was originally published on, is a wiki hosted under It aims to serve as a clearing house for all knowledge concerning and its contents, as well as content published elsewhere by its creator, Jani Uusitalo. This knowledge is of primary concern here, but since there's no shortage of room in the Internet, and wiking is fun, I've already written pages about miscellaneous unrelated topics.

Room for Improvement?

Mummilan wiki differs from many other wikis such as Wikipedia, in that editing is reserved for user accounts specifically created by myself; anonymous editing and registrations are disabled. I believe this is an unfortunate necessity in a wiki administered by a single individual, in order to combat vandalism and especially link spam.

So, if you do find something you feel needs fixing here, for the time being it requires for you to contact me, preferably by e-mail. There's no need to feel shy about telling me you've found an error, no matter how small it might be: I'll be happy to rectify any mistakes. With regard to major ones however, they just might be differences of opinion from my perspective: everything you'll read from me is subjective. I make no attempt to hide it, but instead believe it to be so inherently present everywhere that I usually make no explicit mention of it either.