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Here are some of the ways to contact me, should you have any comments or suggestions regarding the contents of All kinds of suggestions for improvement are most welcome, including fixes for the smallest of spelling errors. Note that this goes for the improvement of mummilan wiki too, since editing is not unrestricted here as it is in, say, Wikipedia.

Most of my blogs employ their built-in commenting feature: you can respond directly to the entry you wish to comment on. The comments get e-mailed to me and I read them all. For the blogs, using this built-in commenting feature is the best method of response.

For all other purposes, the preferable means of contacting me is by e-mail: send your feedback to

Note that I do not offer any techical support for users of Microsoft Internet Explorer. When crafting the code behind this website, I use other, better browsers to view the results, and it's not worth my time to try and get around Internet Explorer's blatant standard incompliancies. Instead I recommend that you switch browsers if at all possible, ask for a switch from your system administrator if you depend on one, and if you are utterly unable to switch: my condolences.