Xbox 360 Scratches Game Disks

“A growing number of Xbox 360 customers are reporting having problems with their [discs] getting scratched by the DVD drive when switching the unit’s position from vertical to horizontal and vise versa.. Initially we thought this was the usual fanboy vs. hater propaganda that swirls around the launch of any new console like this. It didn’t take long until the seriousness of the situation reared it ugly head right here in the Llamma’s shop. I personally have experienced this issue not once but twice already.”

The Llama’s Adventures via Juha

Check out the video; the buzzsaw-like sound the Xbox makes when destroying the disc is ugly enough to make you gasp!

Although I categorized this as a bug/glitch, I wouldn’t directly point the finger at Microsoft with this one. Having said that, I’d like to think I would never tilt my PS2 with the power on, but it’s easy enough to imagine a hard core gamer teenboy in the middle of a mission, when mom comes in with her vacuum cleaner and you just think “well maybe it’ll take it just this once…”

Pat Says Now Computermaus

Läpikuultavasta, sinisestä muovista tehty hiiri “Pat Says Now is Switzerland’s first manufacturer of individual computer mice. We design and produce mice in all shapes and colors. Pat Says Now combines Swiss quality with innovative ideas and creative designs – we bring color into office life and make working truly fun!”

Pat Says Now via Kissapesula

Iceland left in the cold after cable cut

“Many companies on Iceland were again without broadband internet last week when the Farice Line, a 1400 km long fibre optic line connecting Iceland to Europe through the Faroe Islands and Scotland, was cut near Inverness. Apparently, a digger accidentally severed it.

According to Iceland Online it is the 17th time in less than two years that the main communications link to and from Iceland has been cut. On two earlier occasions rats had chewed through the line. Most interruptions lasted between three and nine hours.”

The Register via TSOB

Kaksi kolmesta 15-24-vuotiaasta käyttää pikaviestintä

“Taloustutkimuksen selvityksen mukaan […] Messengeriä, Meeboa tai muuta vastaavaa ohjelmaa käyttää jo kaksi kolmesta 15 – 24-vuotiaasta, kun vuosi sitten käyttäjiä oli noin kolmannes.”


Entäpä ne alle 15-vuotiaat? Kokemukseni mukaan ne luuhaavat “Mesessä” vähintään yhtä paljon, jos eivät enemmänkin kuin yli 14-vuotiaat.