Login broken, redirects to Facebook

30. kesäkuuta 2010 klo 9.56
Sijainti: Keskustelupalstat: Anobii Help Forums
Avainsanat: Anobii, Facebook

Two out of three times when trying to log in to Anobii (using Firefox 3.6.6.) I get redirected to Facebook and remain unlogged-in to Anobii. That is, even if I return to Anobii from Facebook (where I didn’t want to go), I’m still not logged in.

I get sent to Facebook even if I uncheck the Facebook option on the login page. The only times I can get in to Anobii are when the Facebook option for some reason doesn’t even appear on the login page, usually only after two or three times of being wrongly forwarded to Facebook.

Possibly the worst part is that I’ve not even connected my Anobii account to my Facebook account. I don’t want the two linked together, and still the login fails badly due to this Facebook hassle.

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