Window activation not enough to clear ”URGENT”

30. kesäkuuta 2010 klo 19.14
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Avainsanat: irssi, Terminator

I’m in a system running the Netbook Environment, an up-to-date Lucid. In terminator’s settings, I have ’Terminal bell’ set to be shown as ’Window list flash’. This goes nicely together with irssi (which I’m running through ssh on a remote server) being set to ring the bell on messages I want to be informed of.

However, when the window list is flashing, and I bring the terminator window on top, it doesn’t clear the ”URGENT” — i.e. the window list keeps on flashing. Furthermore, in a split terminator window, if I left-click on the segment running irssi, which raised the ”URGENT”, the flashing still won’t stop. I have to type something into the terminal to make the flashing stop.

I’m not too familiar with the inner workings and relations between the different signals involved in here, but I presume the flashing should stop when the window with ”URGENT” is activated, or brought on top, or at least when the segment in question is activated (or left-clicked).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Set ’Terminal bell’ to make ’Window list flash’ in terminator’s settings.
2. Run an app that rings the terminal bell in terminator after a while.
3. De-activate terminator’s window (bring another app on top) and wait for the bell.
4. When terminator flashes in window list, activate it.

Expected result:
Terminator’s flashing in the window list stops.

Actual result:
Terminator keeps flashing in the window list until I type something into its window.

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