Maximized windows opened during login not actually maximized (when using 5.20 from -proposed)

28. kesäkuuta 2013 klo 16.02
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Avainsanat: Unity

With Unity 5.20.0-0ubuntu1 from -proposed, maximized windows opened during login by autostarting apps have their top bar visible underneath the desktop top bar (indicator-appmenu) as if unmaximized, but with the window ’maximize’ button indicating a maximized window – i.e. first click on it results in the window getting smaller. The second click on it then actually maximizes the window so that the top bar merges into the desktop top bar (indicator-appmenu).

This problem appears consistently on every login, after I’ve enabled -proposed and installed Unity 5.20 from there. It never appears when I have 5.18 from -updates. Annoyingly, I am unable to reproduce it in a VM (for a nice demonstration video), but I am able to reproduce it with a newly created user account on the host (i.e. without the configuration from my main user account).

I could’ve taken a screenshot of how it looks right after login. I’ll do that in a minute.

Edit: autostarting apps.

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