Empty Options dialog after Canceling it once

10. marraskuuta 2013 klo 20.21
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This is in Fedora 19 with current Gthumb 3.2.4. Likewise reproducible in Ubuntu 12.04 with Gthumb 3.1.2 (from a PPA).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open foo.png
2. Select File > Save As
3. Name the file foo2.png, select Save
4. In the Options dialog, select Cancel
5. Back in the Save As dialog, select Save again

What happens:
The Options dialog now only has Title and the Cancel and Save buttons, no actual options to choose from.

What I expect to happen:
The Options dialog to have options just like at step #4.

More information:
The bug crops up when saving the file as JPEG as well, I just used PNG as an example. It also happens regardless of whether a file is chosen for overwriting or not. After the bug is triggered, subsequent attempts to Cancel and re-enter the Options dialog always bring it up empty, until the Save Dialog is exited (either by Canceling or by going ahead with the Save).

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