Point ”latest version” links to specific page

31. joulukuuta 2018 klo 13.40
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Nextcloud

As discussed in #915 and #517, Google seems to prefer old versions’ documentation at the expense of newer ones for some reason. The issue was partly mitigated by the fix for #958, which added prominent links to the latest version on top of old pages.

But these links currently point to the manual root. Ideally, I’d like these links to point directly to the latest version of the specific manual page I’m viewing, if available.

For instance, a search for nextcloud occ (for me at least) currently yields the manual page for version 9 as the top result. The ”latest version” link at the top then takes me to the server manual introduction. This means it’s still easier for me to navigate to the latest version of the ”Using the occ command” page by manually replacing the version number in the current URL with ’stable’ (or the latest release number) than to follow the ”latest version” link and try to find the page there.

Producing specific links is probably more laborious than the generic top-level-pointing link. For instance, there may no longer be a corresponding page in the stable version. Detecting such cases should be automatable I think, but there may be other issues that aren’t.

This will be much less of an issue once the SEO issue is resolved, but I think direct links would still remain useful, as people can still come up with search terms that search engines think correspond to old documentation better than the latest.

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