Problem adding a custom image after removing existing image: no ’Add Image’

28. helmikuuta 2019 klo 17.16
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I’m having a problem adding a custom image when the generated preview has already picked up an image. If I remove the automatically linked image, the ’Remove Image’ button remains as such, so there’s no ’Add Image’ button in its place to add the custom image.

As an example, here’s a recorded gif of my attempt to customize the image when linking to this page on Tukes’ website.

With few hints about preview-suitable content provided by that page, Visual Link Preview picks up an overlay image (magnifying glass), which I’d then like to replace with the actual image (a safety reflector) from that page (after already downloading it). But after I click ’Remove Image’ to remove the overlay image, I have no way to add the correct image, because the ’Add Image’ button is missing.

I’m using the current latest release of the plugin (2.0.1) in WP 5.1.

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