Inflection causes Simple Tags to miss relevant tag suggestions

10. lokakuuta 2020 klo 16.20
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Avainsanat: WordPress

Thanks for keeping Simple Tags alive!

Simple Tags is great in picking exact local tag matches from the post text, but with Finnish (and probably some other languages as well), inflection often causes it to miss relevant suggestions (from Local tags). For instance, when using the inessive case ”Helsingissä” in the post, Simple Tags won’t suggest (previously added local tag) ”Helsinki”.

A fuzzy matching feature would help here.

While Simple Tags’ future was in limbo, I tested some other plugins, and one of them (maybe Smart Tag Insert) had such a feature: it showed related tags using some kind of fuzzy matching. I have no idea how difficult this feature would be to incorporate into Simple Tags though.

I know I can show all tags with the ”Click tags” feature, but with close to 2000 pre-existing tags, the full list is quite unwieldy.

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