Excluded taxa included in feed

24. huhtikuuta 2023 klo 17.16
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Platform: Website

Browser: any, try wget


Description of problem:
I’m trying to exclude certain taxa from feeds that I’m subscribed to. This mostly works, but I keep getting species from (under) one excluded taxon in my feed.

This is the feed in question. Among the excluded taxa is 43095 (Leporidae, or hares and rabbits), but as I’m writing this, the feed has observations of Lepus timidus and Lepus europaeus (the forum software is limiting me to 4 links, but my example of the latter is observation #156252007).

Corresponding HTML view of the same query does exclude these observations, as I would expect the feed to do.

(Language for the entry title seems to be randomly selected for each observation, but that’s another issue.)
Screenshot from 2023-04-24 16-57-44

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