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Capable for the price, but inseparably tied to cloud

30. marraskuuta 2020 klo 13.33
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Given the price (less than 20 € when I bought mine) this is quite a capable little device. Physical manufacturing quality felt pretty good too.

Unfortunately the software is inseparably tied to manufacturer’s cloud service, and bypassing it for direct local access (such as RTSP) does not appear to be possible (not in a way that’s useful anyway). That’s the reason I ended up returning mine.

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That’s an easy one: eBay sucks

8. heinäkuuta 2012 klo 16.21
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eBay just sucks or it simply hates me

That’s an easy one: eBay sucks. Not as much as Facebook but about as much as Amazon. It’s astounding how the web’s biggest money-making sites are built with the most modern technologies to look and feel like they were built with technology from the 1990s.

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