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Also reproducible with 28.0.1500.52-0ubuntu1.12.04.2 (in 12.04).

10. heinäkuuta 2013 klo 18.55
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Avainsanat: Chromium

Also reproducible with chromium-browser 28.0.1500.52-0ubuntu1.12.04.2 (in 12.04).

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SIGILL: chromium-browse[12042] trap invalid opcode ip:7f4e637e1c7d sp:7fff4a10d878 error:0 in chromium-browser

21. toukokuuta 2012 klo 17.47
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Avainsanat: Chromium, YouTube

Steps to reproduce:
1. $ chromium-browser –temp-profile # just to rule out custom configuration
2. Go to youtube.com/html5, opt in to html5
3. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=-JryxdydOj0&vq=480

What happens:
The tab goes Aw, Snap! and dmesg says ”chromium-browse[12042] trap invalid opcode ip:7f4e637e1c7d sp:7fff4a10d878 error:0 in chromium-browser”.

What I expect to happen:
I haven’t bothered to check how it should behave, but at least it shouldn’t crash.

Additional information:
Seems to happen with both chromium-codecs-ffmpeg and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra (from Medibuntu) alike.

I’m attaching a backtrace. I did my best with it, but I’ll readily admit I have no idea of its value. Please do advise me if I more -dbg packages or something else is needed.

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Chromium is all too eager to crash with WebM

20. toukokuuta 2012 klo 20.56
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Avainsanat: Chromium, YouTube

Wind buntu, have you by any chance opted in to YouTube’s HTML5 programme (see the bottom of page at [1])? I’ve found Chromium is all too eager to crash with WebM, which is the video format used in YouTube’s HTML5 experiment.

It’s not limited to WebM though, there are issues with YouTube videos without HTML5 enabled as well.

*[1] http://www.youtube.com/html5

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Zooming keys hardcoded inconsistently

15. huhtikuuta 2012 klo 21.37
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Launchpad
Avainsanat: Chromium, saavutettavuus

Ctrl + 0, Ctrl + Plus Sign and Ctrl + Minus Sign are the designated keyboard shortcuts for controlling the zoom. This works on my setup.

Ctrl + Shift + Minus Sign seems to work identically to Ctrl + Minus Sign, but on my setup, Ctrl + Shift + Plus Sign does nothing, whereas Ctrl + Shift + 0 does what, given Minus Sign’s behaviour, I’d expect Ctrl + Shift + Plus Sign to do: it zooms in.

I’m guessing this is keyboard layout dependent. I’m using the Finnish/Swedish keyboard layout, in which the ’0’ key with Shift is the = character. In US keyboard it seems the Plus Sign has its own key, and that key with the Shift pressed becomes =. This is why Chromium thinks that I’m doing the ’zoom in’ combination when in fact I’m doing the ’reset zoom’ combination with shift.

I came across this while looking for a way to reset the zoom back to my custom default via keyboard. I figured if Ctrl+0 is ’reset to normal’, Ctrl+Shift+0 could be ’reset to default’. (I have yet to find such a keyboard shortcut. That’s a separate issue from the one I’m filing here. I’ll have to file a wishlist bug if said shortcut doesn’t exist.)

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With Chromium 18 I could no longer reproduce this with new profiles

8. huhtikuuta 2012 klo 23.38
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Avainsanat: Chromium

Strangely, with Chromium 18 I could no longer reproduce this with new profiles, but with my old profile it was still there.

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chromium-browser crashed with SIGSEGV in XPutImage()

31. maaliskuuta 2012 klo 17.02
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Avainsanat: Chromium

Happened just now with at least Gmail, Facebook and Google Reader open. Can’t pinpoint any specific trigger, and hasn’t happened before IIRC.

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Why would you trust the site if it has insecure javascript?

29. maaliskuuta 2012 klo 20.40
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Google Code
Avainsanat: Chromium, turvallisuus

> Why would you trust the site if it has insecure javascript?

Now let’s see tse…@chromium.org’s profile page [1]… Whoa! It has insecure JavaScript on it! We’d better not trust what this person says. ;-)

* [1] https://code.google.com/u/103427653469784489849/

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Chromiumilla zoomaus ei toimi vieläkään

27. maaliskuuta 2012 klo 20.03
Sijainti: Uutissivustot: YLE Uutiset
Avainsanat: Chromium, saavutettavuus, Yle

Chromiumilla (17.0.963.83) zoomaus ei toimi vieläkään, teksti pysyy suurennosprosentista riippumatta samankokoisena. (Firefoxissa tässä samalla työpöydällä teksti skaalautuu oikein.)

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Associating html files w/ gedit makes Firefox, Chromium think they’re not the default browser though they are

21. maaliskuuta 2012 klo 12.40
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Launchpad
Avainsanat: Chromium, Firefox, Gnome

Steps to reproduce:
0. Set up Chromium/Firefox to prompt when it’s not the default browser (e.g. for FF, set browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser to true)
1. Create/save a file with .html extension
2. From Nautilus, open the file’s properties
3. On the Open With tab, select gedit as default application to open html files with
4. In System settings, select Details and verify that in Default Applications the Default Web Browser hasn’t changed
5. Start Chromium/Firefox

What happens:
The browser thinks it’s not the default browser anymore and prompts you to set it as such.

What I expect to happen:
For the browser to know it still is the default browser and not ask about it.

Has this happened before:
Doesn’t seem to apply to Lucid, so the bug occurs somewhere between 10.04…12.04.

Further info:
I’ll attach a screenshot demonstrating the above result.

I’m not at all sure whether I filed this against the right package, feel free to correct it.

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Just to add that all the icons in Elements panel are expanded

13. maaliskuuta 2012 klo 20.42
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Launchpad
Avainsanat: Chromium

Just to add that all the icons in Elements panel, not just arrowheads, are expanded, unlike text that ignores Page zoom. Other icons, ugly as they appear when zoomed, do seem to function though.

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