Modifying Firefox's Context Menus

While I like the Firefox Web browser, there are a few things about it I’d change. For a start, I’d remove the Set As Wallpaper… context menu item. Not only do I never use it, I’d rather not have the option of invoking it by accident. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to change Firefox’s context menus.


I successfully applied this instruction in removing the Send Link… and Send Image… items in addition to the Set As Wallpaper… item mentioned above. After switching to web-based Gmail as my main e-mail client, mistakenly selecting the Send… items became a real nuisance as they triggered loading Thunderbird.

And now that I’ve done that, I discovered WebmailCompose, which promises to make those items work with webmail such as GMail. Well, I’ll be trying that next… Update: Nope, it doesn’t work with Firefox 2.0 despite that the extensions page claims compatibility with upto 3.0a1. A 1.5 compatible version is available at Jed Brown’s site, but even with that the compatibility issue with 2.0 is not the simple one of replacing the version string inside install.rdf

(Finnish Firefox note: Yritin etsiä suomenkielisen Firefoxini valikon sisältöä, mutta sitä ei löytänyt yllättäen edes fi.jar-paketin sisällä olevista tiedostoista. Raakasin sitten vain kylmästi sopivalta kuulostavat kohdat browser.xul:sta (browser.jar-paketin sisältä) muistelemalla niiden englanninkielisiä nimiä, ja näkyy toimivan.)