New Windows Features: Turn off applications

Windows Features allows users to turn off applications such as Media Centre, Media Player and Internet Explorer.


Wow, think of all the RAM saved by not having to keep those applications running all the time! What will they think of next — a nice shortcut button marked X for this “turn the application off” feature?

(Yeah yeah, I know that at least parts of the crappy apps mentioned probably are running all the time in a Windows environment. I’m also aware that turning the applications off in the classical sense has been made more difficult in W7. Still, I’m betting the point the writer was trying to make was related to neither, and more to WF allowing for features of the OS to be “turned off”, not applications as most people would perceive them. Whereas support for removing said applications would be a novelty, in my book being able to turn them off doesn’t qualify.)

(I hope I didn’t overemphasise with my emphases.)