Just to see what he *will* say

17. elokuuta 2011 klo 18.19
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Avainsanat: psykologia

> Let’s say I tell this to that psychologist.. What would he say? What could he do?

I was going to suggest that you do tell him. Just to see what he *will* say. I think it should make for an interesting conversation if nothing else. And there’s no way he can even begin to understand you unless you tell him about stuff that you feel is important to you. Of course there are no guarantees that he will even then, but it is pretty much guaranteed he *won’t* if you keep these things from him.

(Obviously, it’s not just like you either talk to him or not at will, building enough trust to be able to talk takes time and some luck wrt. personal chemistries. But the above applies in case you get a break in these things.)

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