The possibility of gaining more insight into yourself

19. elokuuta 2011 klo 21.31
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Avainsanat: psykologia

Even though I indeed can’t see a thing anyone could do for or against these things in my head. Nothing can change what I feel.

The only thing I’m suggesting you talk about these things for is the possibility of you gaining more insight into yourself — definitely not for any attempt to change what you are. Deeper self-knowledge, I believe, is very seldom harmful and many times even beneficial for the person in question. Through experience I’ve come to believe that knowledge of ourselves, though originating from ourselves, often depends on another person acting as a proxy, a sort of midwife for such knowledge to be able to be born. There’s nothing new they can tell you about you, let alone tell you what or how you should be, in the end all such things must come from within yourself.

Thanks for patiently replying to my incessant explorations. To me you don’t sound insane, but depending on semantics, maybe that’s what you want to sound like, in which case it’s not for me to deny from you.

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