22. If you could change three things in GNOME, what would they be?

17. lokakuuta 2011 klo 17.45
Sijainti: Muut: Phoronix
Avainsanat: Gnome, ohjelmistovapaus, saavutettavuus

1. Raise accessibility alongside the top goals of simplicity and usability,
2. aim for those goals more rigorously than currently,
3. communicate how it’s being done (i.e. how doing things the way they’re done in Gnome contributes to those goals).

I’ve outsourced my desktop getting to the goals I raised in #22 to the Gnome project, and I believe that Gnome aiming for them will eventually result in the noble ”It Just Works” user experience for me and my friends using Gnome. Though it is the best effort currently available to that end, we’re not quite there yet.

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