+1 for the hillbillyness

7. toukokuuta 2013 klo 19.43
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+1 for the hillbillyness, mentally we’re the backwater country in these parts. Also, especially the men here seem to carry this bizarre idealized nationalist image of their home country, usually tied to our wars with the Soviets (nowadays touted using image macros on the Internet), and this overhyped ”we’re so badass we can take on any foe and come out on top” picture of the Finnish übersoldier of both literal and figurative sense. So you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Finn admitting he can’t take the cold: it’d go twice against his self-image sustaining beliefs (that there’s something bad about his country, and that he can’t cope with it).

Thankfully this isn’t perfectly mirrored in our politics, but even in parliament there are forces with an apparent longing for their idealized simpler post-war times, directly appealing to the nationalist common folk I described.

It’s not all that bad, but I think this is the insider’s view which, while not exactly a secret per se, perhaps isn’t as visible from the outside (and on the inside it’s so ubiquitous it usually goes without mention). Our international politics are perhaps most atypical for the common Finn; I think our international representatives are good in mostly not conveying this inwards-turned, nationalist side of us, and still showing pride in Finnish achievements that matter in the modern world (mentioned by others commenting here).

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