Output from snap changes and snap change below, syslog output attached

23. helmikuuta 2018 klo 8.59
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Avainsanat: Snap, Wekan

@kubiko Output from snap changes and snap change below, syslog output (with snapd debugging enabled) attached here.

root@battra:~# snap changes
ID   Status  Spawn                 Ready                 Summary
30   Error   2018-02-22T09:55:45Z  2018-02-22T10:02:02Z  Install "wekan" snap from "edge" channel
31   Error   2018-02-22T10:27:51Z  2018-02-22T10:33:04Z  Install "wekan" snap from file "wekan_0.76-22-g31f25bc_amd64.snap"
32   Error   2018-02-22T12:05:21Z  2018-02-22T12:10:33Z  Install "wekan" snap from file "wekan_0.76-22-g31f25bc-dirty_amd64.snap"
33   Error   2018-02-22T12:12:20Z  2018-02-22T12:17:32Z  Install "wekan" snap from file "wekan_0.76-22-g31f25bc-dirty_amd64.snap"
34   Error   2018-02-22T12:25:15Z  2018-02-22T12:30:28Z  Install "wekan" snap from file "wekan_0.76-22-g31f25bc-dirty_amd64.snap"
35   Error   2018-02-22T15:28:37Z  2018-02-22T15:33:54Z  Install "wekan" snap
36   Error   2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:05Z  Install "wekan" snap

root@battra:~# snap change 36
Status  Spawn                 Ready                 Summary
Done    2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:05Z  Ensure prerequisites for "wekan" are available
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:05Z  Download snap "wekan" (128) from channel "stable"
Done    2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:04Z  Fetch and check assertions for snap "wekan" (128)
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:04Z  Mount snap "wekan" (128)
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:03Z  Copy snap "wekan" data
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:03Z  Setup snap "wekan" (128) security profiles
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:02Z  Make snap "wekan" (128) available to the system
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:01Z  Set automatic aliases for snap "wekan"
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:01Z  Setup snap "wekan" aliases
Done    2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:01Z  Run install hook of "wekan" snap if present
Undone  2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:01Z  Start snap "wekan" (128) services
Error   2018-02-23T06:24:32Z  2018-02-23T06:31:00Z  Run configure hook of "wekan" snap if present

Run configure hook of "wekan" snap if present

2018-02-23T08:31:00+02:00 ERROR run hook "configure": <exceeded maximum runtime of 5m0s>

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