Today I received two new copies of the ”Important updates to your Flickr account” email

14. marraskuuta 2018 klo 16.41
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Avainsanat: Flickr, saavutettavuus, Yahoo!

Last week, after receiving the ”Important updates to your Flickr account” notification email I deleted my Flickr account, associated with my Yahoo account. Today I received two new copies of the ”Important updates to your Flickr account” email. I tried to access the old Flickr account to make sure it has been deleted, but logging in with my Yahoo account only creates a new Flickr account, which is not what I want.

What I want is to have no more email messages sent to me from Flickr.

I also tried logging in using my Gmail address (which also appears to have a Yahoo account associated with it), but opening after that also just creates a new Flickr account every time. I keep deleting these accounts, only to be handed a new one every time I go back to

Back in April-May, I received altogether 5 separate messages informing me about the SmugMug ownership business, so something’s clearly not right with your emailing system, or with the records you have of me.

Your email messages should follow the semi-standard practice of including a footer with a clear explanation of why exactly am I receiving the email and what I should do if I wish to stop receiving them. The ToS and Community Guidelines links (currently in the footer) are all but useless in this context.


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