I see, so it’s a result of conflicting indicators from the user

19. joulukuuta 2020 klo 18.41
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Avainsanat: Mattermost, saavutettavuus

@agnivade Oh I see, so it’s a result of conflicting indicators (”away” vs. being active) from the user. I’m trying to recalibrate my expectation based on this, but it’s difficult.

My immediate thought is perhaps (in the problematic case) sending the notification, but then clearing it only once I start typing (typing appears to have an event associated with it, at least based on the logs) would be better than the immediately clearing ghost notification, but you’re right, this is more complicated than immediately apparent.

Some UI/UX design wizardry would probably be needed to eliminate the possibility of mixed user signals, if at all possible. I don’t have a good solution for now, so feel free to close the issue if you deem it appropriate.

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