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Window resizing broken in Ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland

28. syyskuuta 2022 klo 14.13
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What Operating System(s) are you seeing this problem on?

Linux Wayland

Which Wayland compositor or X11 Window manager(s) are you using?


WezTerm version


Did you try the latest nightly build to see if the issue is better (or worse!) than your current version?

Yes, and I updated the version box above to show the version of the nightly that I tried

Describe the bug

I’m running a standard Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome desktop, but with Wayland. Resizing of wezterm window is broken on this setup: selecting ”maximize” from the title bar context menu or dragging the window against the top or the sides of the screen doesn’t maximize/tile the window, but any resizing that does happen results in any text entered in the terminal thereafter to be get garbled. In this screenshot I’ve first entered wezterm --version before resizing, then dragged the window against the top, then entered wezterm --version again:

Screenshot from 2022-09-28 13-43-02

To Reproduce

  1. Install your bog-standard Ubuntu 20.04 desktop in a VM and boot it up.
  2. On the GDM login screen select ”Ubuntu on Wayland” from the bottom right menu, then log in.
  3. Install wezterm.
  4. Start wezterm.
  5. Right-click wezterm’s title bar and select ”Maximize”.
  6. Type something


no config

Expected Behavior

After step 5, I expect the window to be maximized (i.e. to fill the desktop). After step 6, I expect to see what I typed.


no logs available

Anything else?

The issue is not present in an X11 session. Ubuntu 20.04 defaults to X11, but I’ve used it with Wayland exclusively since the release without issues. More specifically, I can’t remember seeing resizing issues similar to this with any other application.

I also have a laptop running Ubuntu 22.04 and Wayland, and there all resizing of the wezterm window works just as I’d expect (i.e. just as in any other application).

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According to upstream this has been fixed in Gnome 3.0

20. huhtikuuta 2011 klo 18.22
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According to upstream this has been fixed in Gnome 3.0.

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Re-report: There’s a usability issue with the login screen’s panel…

14. huhtikuuta 2011 klo 10.22
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: GNOME Bugzilla
Avainsanat: GDM

As I reported on Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/524497

There’s a usability issue with the login screen’s panel being at the bottom of the screen. It should be at the top, or at the very least the elements that are present in both the login screen and the desktop (the clock and shutdown menu) should be positioned consistently. It’s very confusing as it stands, with the clock and the shutdown function jumping from the bottom of the login screen to the top of the desktop screen when we log in.

Either the top of the screen is the accessibility-wise better place for these elements, in which case they should be there *during the login screen also*, or it isn’t, in which case they shouldn’t be there when we get to the desktop *either*. They shouldn’t be in one place on one screen, in another place on another screen.

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Do you know of a way to move the elements around on the login screen?

14. huhtikuuta 2011 klo 10.10
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Do you know of a way to move the elements around on the login screen? Specifically I’d like to move the bottom panel to the top.

I’ve actually reported this as a bug on Launchpad (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/524497#) and even tried fiddling with the greeter’s source code myself, but it was just useless guesswork with my non-existent GTK knowledge.

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