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I’ll cheat and just answer those here

17. maaliskuuta 2012 klo 18.57
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I’m feeling unimaginative so I’ll cheat and just answer those here without posting new ones.

1. My island would probably be Greenland, so ”between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans”.
2. Not doing anything currently but will be learning and doing programming about a week from now.
3. Nope.
4. Nope.
5. Some code for my blog. If programming doesn’t count… must’ve been the amplifier we built back in uni. Didn’t do it all by myself, we did it in teams.
6. I never sleep with the light on, but have to tolerate blue from LEDs from my cell phone charger and sometimes my computer (if I leave it on). It’s kinda nerdy so maybe I’d go with it.
7. Amsterdam.
8. In the forest, on its roots, with natural snow on it.
9. I know the parts I’ve explored pretty well, but there are lots of places I still haven’t here.
10. I like to code. (We’ll see how this answer holds up once it becomes a job.)
11. I would’ve wished for my parents to be able to resolve the problems between them.

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