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Horizontal scroll over dock causes it to crash and disappear, and a temporary GUI freeze

31. toukokuuta 2021 klo 20.40
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# Steps to reproduce
0. have a mouse with horizontal scrolling functionality (mine is a Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 with a tilting action for horizontal scroll)
1. move mouse pointer over the dock
2. use the mouse scroller to scroll horizontally

# What I expect to happen

# What happens
Mouse pointer and everything on screen freezes. After a few seconds it unfreezes, but all the icons from the dock are missing. I have to log out and back in to restore the dock.

# Other info
Slightly similar to LP #1875106, but I’m not using imwheel.

I am using Wayland.

Syslog seems to always point to this one function: ”The offending callback was get_preferred_height(), a vfunc”. I’ll attach the relevant part from one crash.

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I wonder what are the changes of getting pwned on one of those nowadays

27. elokuuta 2014 klo 17.31
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I wonder what are the changes of getting pwned on one of those nowadays, with all the known security holes. Could be not even the crooks bother anymore though.

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