WordPress 2.1: wp_get_links and wp_list_bookmarks

“The way Links used to work is that all links had a “before” and “after” bit associated with them. wp_get_links respected that, and if you had li and /li in the Links manager for those links, then that’s what got output.

But Links aren’t the same as they used to be anymore. So wp_get_links no longer works quite the same way. While it’s not actually deprecated, it probably should be since it just ends up using the new “bookmarks” functions anyway.

I’d switch to wp_list_bookmarks to do what you need it to do.”

Otto42@WP Support Forum

Took me a while to find out how to make wp_list_bookmarks work as wp_get_links did. Firstly, upgrading to 2.1 seems to change the link categories’ ids, so they had to be looked up. In the end I came up with wp_list_bookmarks("category=43&categorize=0&title_li=&show_images=0"); – the title_li bit was the most difficult to understand (my initial attempts with double single quotes caused only weird output).

DVDAuthorGUI Menu Editor Problem: Black Preview Screen

When authoring my own DVDs, DVDAuthorGUI is working better than any other tool I’ve tried, apart from this one problem: the preview portion of the Menu Editor window is always black. It reacts to left mouse button clicks by flashing the actual background, which has thus far made it just barely usable.

Installing DScaler didn’t help, neither did wiggling the different decoders’ priorities using DSFMgr (both linked to from DVDAuthorGUI’s download page).

I just discovered that by changing the number of frames from 1 to 100 when creating the m2v still, it actually stays visible (when clicked) long enough to be able to place the buttons. But it’s still pretty damn difficult and most likely not how it’s intented to behave. I think I’m going to try to work around this by making the m2v still long enough to be useful, and replacing it with a single-frame still after having positioned the buttons.

DVDAuthorGUI: Menu Editor with black preview