The future of Dorgem

Frank Fesevur, the creator of Dorgem, an excellent minimalist webcam capturing application for Windows, is faced with a dilemma: while the number of downloads and the amount of general interest in his application is soaring, his own interest is declining and he finds less and less time for developing Dorgem.

I’ve been using Dorgem to transmit the occasionally live webcam image from my desktop ever since I bought my webcam (must be some three years now). The only thing I’ve been missing is an SFTP connection, but it’s not available in any other Windows webcam software I’ve seen either, so I’ve stuck with Dorgem since I’ve found it the most reliable of them all.

Like others who’ve already commented the entry in Frank’s diary, I’m thankful for the great work he’s done and wish him nothing but a happy life no matter what his choices regarding the development of Dorgem will be.