2 gigabytes for Acer Aspire One A0A110?

Finally got me the titanium drill bit I needed to remove the corroded-solid screw that held the last piece of +Acer #Aspire One’s PCB in place. Then spent better part of the day disassembling and reassembling the little One: I tried to get a 2 GB SO-DIMM in, because according to some sources (a dmidecode output for one) that’s the controller’s limit, in contrast to 1 GB as I thought it was.

But it just wouldn’t boot with the 2 GB module in place. Not even after upgrading the BIOS. A 1 GB module, by contrast, worked just fine. There’s still a slim chance that the #A1 just can’t handle a PC6400 module (like the 2 GB one) and requires PC5300 max (like the 1 GB modules I have). If I get hold of a 2 GB PC5300 module I’ll sure give it a try, but for now I’m settling for the 1 GB addition.

Next I’ll focus on solving the storage problem: substituting the worn-down P-SSD1800. Contemplating a hybrid solution with memory cards.