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1:22 Go home die, you’re drunk.

23. helmikuuta 2015 klo 18.24
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1:22 Go home die, you’re drunk.

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This does work in browsers (as you said), but not in the G+ app which is a bummer.

23. helmikuuta 2015 klo 17.31
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This does work in browsers (both desktop and mobile as you said), but not in the G+ app which is a bummer.

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Se on kesken vieläkin

16. helmikuuta 2015 klo 11.49
Sijainti: Blogit: Silmänkääntövankila
Avainsanat: Jeppis, Tommi Liimatta

Se on kesken vieläkin, kirjastojen kuukauden laina-ajassa lukemaan ehtiminen tekee minulle yleensäkin tiukkaa.

Liimatta on tehnyt kovasti töitä meidänikäisiimme vetoavien detaljien keräilyssä. Harmikseni hänen lapsuudenhahmonsa on kuitenkin luonteeltaan niin erilainen kuin minä olin, että alkuviehätyksen jälkeen enin osa kirjasta on tuntunut vieraalta, ja (ehkä sen takia) lisäksi vähän pitkitetyltä (levyjenkopiointilevy erityisesti tuntuu jääneen päälle).

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Good to know that the search will scale

16. helmikuuta 2015 klo 10.06
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: Huginn, saavutettavuus

@virtadpt, good to know that the search will scale. As long as it’s snappy to open and to react to typing, I don’t think I’ll need anything fancier in the popup selector.

And yes, DataOutputAgent is what I’m currently using for emitting the feeds (I just spelled it with whitespace above), unless I’m missing your point.

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More means to manage/classify/search/find agents in the UI

15. helmikuuta 2015 klo 9.06
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Github
Avainsanat: Huginn, saavutettavuus, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Pipes

I’m a heavy Yahoo Pipes user, and recently deployed Huginn to Heroku to see if I could use it to replace Pipes. My main motivation for this is ensuring continuity (should Y! decide to pull the plug on Pipes), but an almost equally important one is that managing Pipes has become nightmarish with the amount of individual pipes I’ve accumulated, currently more than 150.

With Huginn I see I can employ Scenarios to group agents together, which is already more than what Pipes offers. But duplicating just a couple of my Pipes’ functionality in Huginn has already produced six agents. Additionally, unlike Pipes, Scenarios can’t be nested (into Scenarios of Scenarios), so I fear that finding and managing individual agents, and perhaps even Scenarios, would eventually become as complicated as managing Pipes once I’d get in double- and triple-digit amounts.

So what I’d like to have in the UI is more means to classify and search for agents. My old-fashioned instinct makes me suggest a directory-like tree structure, but more modern and semantic solutions such as tagging could work just as well if not better. Being able to select an Agent Type could also be one way to narrow down the main agents list (/agents). That list also doesn’t seem to have a search function. The popup list for selecting agents in the Scenario editor does have a search and it seems to work nicely, with real-time results and all, although I’ve not yet created hundreds of agents to see how well it scales.

(In my case, another natural way to reduce the clutter would be having a true singular RSS feed filtering agent (fetch a feed, filter the results, emit the filtered feed), which is my main use-case for Pipes. Currently I’m using an RSS Agent to fetch the feed, a Trigger Agent to filter the results and a Data Output Agent to output the filtered feed, resulting in three separate agents for each of my Pipes. But this is a separate ”Agent Suggestions” issue from the one I’m reporting here. And of course there might already exist a smarter way to do this which I’m just not aware of.)

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Olen kahden vaiheilla tästä

14. helmikuuta 2015 klo 8.05
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Avainsanat: uskonto, Vartiotorni-seura

Olen kahden vaiheilla tästä. Melkein kaikki Vartiotorni-seuran tuottama on enemmän dadaa kuin Lehti, joten koko aliredditin voisi hukuttaa juttuihin sieltä – jolloin vitsi lakkaisi hyvin pian huvittamasta.

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/r/Pareidolia edellyttää ”unintentionally”

13. helmikuuta 2015 klo 20.51
Sijainti: Muut: reddit

/r/Pareidolia edellyttää ”unintentionally”, siksi siellä eivät lisätyt silmät yms. yleensä menesty.

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No problems with Youtube’s RSS feeds here either

13. helmikuuta 2015 klo 20.32
Sijainti: Videosivustot: YouTube
Avainsanat: saavutettavuus, YouTube

+Gooberslot No problems with Youtube’s RSS feeds here either. I think the problem is limited to Youtube’s own subscription system, which is different.

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Unintelligible explanatory comments in imwheelrc

11. helmikuuta 2015 klo 7.50
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/etc/X11/imwheel/imwheel rc starts out with:

# This is only for demonstration of the priority command…
# See the other global Exclude command below for the one you want to use!
# If this is activated it will only apps that have a lower priority
# priority is based first on the priority command, then the position in this
# file – the higher the line is in a file the higher in a priority class it is
# thus for a default priority you can see that the position in the file is
# important, but the priority command CAN appear anywahere in a window’s list
# of translations, and the priority will be assigned to all translations below
# it until either a new window is defined or the priority is set again.

I can’t make heads or tails of that. It’s like most of the sentence-ending periods have been misplaced to make random, unnecessary ellipses elsewhere in the file.

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Minullakin on Jeppis juuri meneillään!

6. helmikuuta 2015 klo 21.03
Sijainti: Blogit: Silmänkääntövankila
Avainsanat: Jeppis, kirjallisuus

Minullakin on Jeppis juuri meneillään! Olin ajatellut, että jollet sitä kohtapian mainitse, niin on pakko udella oletko jo lukenut.

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