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I was affected by this too, but I’m not using encryption

17. lokakuuta 2020 klo 13.14
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Nextcloud

I was affected by this too, but I’m not using encryption:

# sudo -u www-data php occ encryption:status
  - enabled: false
  - defaultModule: OC_DEFAULT_MODULE

The server log just showed ServerNotAvailableException:"Could not decrypt key" for any connection attempts after 19->20 upgrade.

I have another instance where I am using encryption, and there I was able to log in just fine. I did some diffing and found the working installation (with encryption enabled) had 'encryption.legacy_format_support' => true,, while the non-working installation (with encryption disabled) didn’t. Adding that to my config.php alone didn’t fix the issue, so I also added 'encryption.key_storage_migrated' => false, and after that I was able to log in again.

According to documentation, starting with version 20 the legacy encryption is off by defaultocc encryption:scan:legacy-format is supposed to tell whether you can disable the compatibility mode, but for the instance without encryption it seems to produce a false positive (complete with a typo):

All scanned files are propperly encrypted. You can disable the legacy compatibility mode.

For the admin user, the now otherwise working, unencrypted instance also shows a ”Please enable server side encryption in the admin settings in order to use the encryption module” notification in the web UI, for every page load (i.e. even after dismissal it just pops back up whenever I navigate in the UI).

The errors reported by app:check-code encryption are probably unrelated, as the same errors are reported for both my instances.

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Kaakkurin liikuntamaa

14. lokakuuta 2020 klo 13.52
Sijainti: Muut: reddit
Avainsanat: Kaakkurin liikuntamaa

Kaakkurin liikuntamaa. En ole käynyt, mutta ”alueella on laajat maastopyöräilyreitistöt. Reittejä on kolmea eri tasoa: helppoja, keskivaikeita ja vaikeita.”

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Tremendously useful

11. lokakuuta 2020 klo 13.14
Sijainti: Keskustelupalstat: WordPress Support Forums
Avainsanat: WordPress

Happy to see the plugin get a new lease on life from an active and engaged developer. I only use a small portion of the features (suggested local tags), but this features alone makes it one of the most useful plugins for me.

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Inflection causes Simple Tags to miss relevant tag suggestions

10. lokakuuta 2020 klo 16.20
Sijainti: Keskustelupalstat: kieli
Avainsanat: WordPress

Thanks for keeping Simple Tags alive!

Simple Tags is great in picking exact local tag matches from the post text, but with Finnish (and probably some other languages as well), inflection often causes it to miss relevant suggestions (from Local tags). For instance, when using the inessive case ”Helsingissä” in the post, Simple Tags won’t suggest (previously added local tag) ”Helsinki”.

A fuzzy matching feature would help here.

While Simple Tags’ future was in limbo, I tested some other plugins, and one of them (maybe Smart Tag Insert) had such a feature: it showed related tags using some kind of fuzzy matching. I have no idea how difficult this feature would be to incorporate into Simple Tags though.

I know I can show all tags with the ”Click tags” feature, but with close to 2000 pre-existing tags, the full list is quite unwieldy.

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This doesn’t work with hidden files in Bash

5. lokakuuta 2020 klo 16.19
Sijainti: Muut: Stack Exchange
Avainsanat: Bash

This doesn’t work with hidden files in Bash, unless you shopt -s dotglob first.

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