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Restructure into a MW 1.25+ style extension

4. marraskuuta 2018 klo 13.22
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Refactor file structure so that the extension can be loaded using MW 1.25+ style wfLoadExtension(), and makes MW 1.25+ a requirement. Otherwise the core functionality should remain just as it was (i.e., if it doesn’t, that’s unintentional on my part).

This closes issue #3.


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Support registration with wfLoadExtension()

4. marraskuuta 2018 klo 13.17
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Since MediaWiki 1.25, the suggested method of registering extensions has been to use wfLoadExtension() instead of a direct require_once. AddBodyClass currently (v1.2.0 from 2016-03-21) still uses the old style, so I’m opening this issue to suggest converting the extension to use the new method.

I’m also preparing a pull request with the minimal changes that I think should accomplish this, and I’ll post it next.


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I’m fairly new here and to Git in general, so I’d rather not

30. toukokuuta 2012 klo 18.34
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Sumana: Thanks. I’m fairly new here and to Git in general, so I’d rather not, but it’s fine by me if Pranav wants to.

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#redirect with support for templates, magic words or conditionals

12. toukokuuta 2012 klo 13.34
Sijainti: Wikit: MediaWiki Support Desk
Avainsanat: MediaWiki, turvallisuus

I learned that hard #redirect does not support templates, magic words or being wrapped inside conditionals. I’d find any of those features useful in my own wiki, so my questions are:

  1. Are the limitations based on technical difficulties of implementation, or are they design decisions based on security implications?
  2. Would it be possible to implement support for said features in an extension, or better yet, are there known extensions to do this?

The wiki that I’m running is limited to my own personal use, so I wouldn’t have to worry about security implications for multiuser MW installations.

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Ambiguous ”Password:” header on Special:ChangeEmail

15. huhtikuuta 2012 klo 10.16
Sijainti: Vianhallintajärjestelmät: Wikimedia Bugzilla
Avainsanat: MediaWiki, saavutettavuus

[[Special:ChangeEmail]] currently says: ”Complete this form to change your e-mail address. You will need to enter your password to confirm this change.”

The password field is located right after the ”New e-mail address” field and simply titled ”Password:”. The preface and this layout makes it unnecessarily easy to think it wants your ”password for your e-mail account” and not the current wiki. (I for one momentarily thought so despite being experienced enough to know it probably didn’t mean to.)

I suggest the ”Password:” header be changed slightly, to say ”Your {{SITENAME}} password:”

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