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Motorola probably had a good reason for this limitation

4. syyskuuta 2021 klo 12.07
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Interesting, I wasn’t aware about that – so I assume, that you have observed that behavior yourself and not only read about that?

Yes I have: with a charger plugged in and the flash LED on, the phone does show the charging indicator, but the charge level is still dropping. Ampere also shows that it is in fact draining the battery:

MSe1969 said:
I guess, this would be a hardware limitation, I can’t think about a setting controlling this – however, honestly, I don’t know.

Okay, thanks anyway. Motorola probably had a good reason for this limitation, such as temperature control, and overriding it would thus be risky too, even if it were possible.

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Is there any way to override the flash limitation?

23. elokuuta 2021 klo 21.03
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Firstly, a big thank you @MSe1969 for keeping my old Moto G (falcon) secure!

My question is about a specific feature: for some reason, Motorola has apparently disabled charging the device when the camera (flash) LED is on (I’ve found at least one Reddit thread confirming this). Do you happen to know if this is a hardware-level limitation, or if there’s any way to override it in the OS/kernel?

I’ve been testing the phone as a security camera, and while it’s otherwise working, in practical use not having the flash LED means having to have a separate light source, adding its own complications (timers and so on).

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Process: com.nextcloud.client: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

5. lokakuuta 2018 klo 15.23
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All of my devices are affected by this, or something very similar. My server is running Ubuntu 16.06 with Nextcloud 14.0.1 (in a subdirectory). Here’s logs from my

I trimmed them down to (what appears to me as) the essential, filtered out some noise and replaced my username and the server hostname.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. (On desktop) Create a new subdirectory under the sync directory, add two JPEG files into it. Wait for changes to sync.
  2. (On mobile) Open Nextcloud, select the newly created directory, switch to grid view.

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I was convinced enough

24. huhtikuuta 2013 klo 18.20
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I had Motorola’s built-in Swype (version 3.5.something) on my Defy+ and installed this. For me as Scandinavian, the biggest difference is that the letters Ä and Ö are better positioned (closer to their QWERTY positions now than in the built-in). That aside, overall it feels like a polished version with slightly better accuracy. The latter’s hard to prove without long-term testing, but I was convinced enough in 15 minutes with the trial to buy the full version.

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Is there a list of devices with known hardware-limited functionality?

20. helmikuuta 2013 klo 15.50
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Is there a list of devices with known hardware-limited functionality? I tried Sleeptime last night on my Motorola Defy+ and got the ”Measurement incomplete” message as Scotty above. I’ve not yet ruled out it’s something in my phone’s settings, but I figured I could save myself the trouble of troubleshooting if you can just outright say it’s not going to work.

*Edit:* Note to other Defy+ owners: Sleeptime works with battery saving and in-pocket detection disabled, and screen set to never sleep on AC power (in Settings/Applications/Development). They may not all be necessary, I just haven’t yet narrowed it down to ones that are.

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